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Travel sustainably and affordably by train to foreign countries. The train is not only suitable for a city trip or vacation. A day of shopping is also possible. Think of cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Oberhausen, or Cologne. Curious? Discover available trains, seats, and prices of international train tickets through the booking tool.

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Travel sustainably by train to all destinations in Europe. Book cheap train tickets abroad with various providers. We have already selected the most affordable provider of international train tickets per destination for you. Discover availability and plan your trip today!

Booking international train tickets

Do you already know your final destination or are you here for inspiration? Below you will find a selection of possible destinations. For inspiration, you can of course take a look at our train travel blog. You can also book an international train ticket directly. To do this, press ‘Search tickets’, which will take you to a page with a booking planner.

Early booking discount on international train tickets

The most important tip is to consider the time of booking. The different providers of European train journeys have different periods in which they make tickets available for sale. When you buy an international train ticket with an early booking discount, you pay the lowest fare. Later, the price of the same ticket will increase.

  • IC Brussels: by train to Belgium you can book cheaply up to 3 days before departure.
  • Eurostar and Destinations in Great Britain: 4 months before departure;
  • ICE International, IC Berlin to Destinations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: approximately 180 days before departure;
  • Night trains through Germany and distant destinations: approximately 122 days before departure.

Book international train tickets online Do you want to book cheap international train tickets? Book train tickets online without booking fees and make use of the booking tips and early booking discount. Keep in mind that fares for train journeys abroad will only become more expensive. For questions, you can of course always contact us so that we can help you further.